Sodium Reduction: Action Plan Tool

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The site action plan is a tool that can be used for program planning, to document which strategies will be targeted for improvement. After reviewing the assessment results with key staff, select priority items to begin working on immediately, and items to work on later. The items that are N/A in the assessment will also be N/A for the action item. There is also a place for comments at the end of the action plan to write in additional strategies that are not listed.

Consider the following guiding questions as you identify priority action items:

  1. Feasibility: What kind of resources (human and financial) are needed to implement this practice? Would this practice have a significant negative effect on the bottom line? Are the supports or infrastructure in place necessary for the practice(s) to be successfully implemented? Are there significant barriers to implementation?
  2. Potential for impact: How much will this practice contribute to lower sodium content of foods? To what extent will this practice increase availability and access to lower sodium foods? To what extent will this practice result in reduced sodium consumption?
  3. Will: Is there enthusiasm for this practice? From the consumer, to line staff and managers, to administrators and policy makers, will this practice be met with support?
For more information about the assessment/action plan, please click here.